Ladies Who Love: An Erotica Collection

de Heather Towne (Auteur), de Fer (Auteur), Rachel Randall (Auteur), Izzy French (Auteur), Elizabeth Coldwell (Auteur), Giselle Renarde (Auteur), Annabeth Leong (Illustrateur)

Tantalising glimpses into intimate encounters when guys are not around.

‘Ladies Who Love’ features ten original lesbian stories from Mischief, including stories by Rachel Randall, Giselle Renarde, Izzy French, Annabeth Leong, Heather Towne and many more.

Lila visits Jeanne to be pampered with a glamorous makeover and for sensual kind of personal attention.

Sophie is the bride-to-be and Juliette is her maid, but the dress fitting is more memorable than the wedding night.

Inside an a remote beach house, Aiden discovers a hidden world of women looking for a secret kind of love.

Date de publication
27 juin 2013