My Angels Wear Fur

Animals I Rescued and Their Stories of Unconditional Love
by Devon O'Day (Author)
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The country music radio host reveals how rescue animals have transformed her life again and again in this heartwarming story collection.

Devon O’Day has a passion for animal rescue and the things vulnerable animals can teach us about ourselves. In My Angels Wear Fur, she introduces readers to:

Tennessee Tess: A stray dog delivered to her front door by a man working on a construction crew in the neighborhood and who ended up living the glamorous life in Hollywood with O’Day’s sister, actress Faith Ford.

The Boxer of Mercy: A brindle boxer who delivers dogs in need to O’Day’s front door. As soon as he knows the other dog is in good hands, the boxer disappears.

With more than thirty stories, My Angels Wear Fur make you understand what O’Day means when she says, “There is a God-like quality in animals. They love without judgment. They are loyal and caring and they see through each of us . . . to the hidden souls of our real beings.”

Publication date
March 21, 2023
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