New frontiers of antitrust 2014

New frontiers of antitrust 2014

by Joaquín Almunia (Author), Chris Fonteijn (Author), Peter Freeman (Author), Douglas Ginsburg (Author), Thomas Graf (Author), Benoît Hamon (Author), Nathalie Homobono (Author), Laurence Idot (Author), Alexander Italianer (Author), Frédéric Jenny (Author), William Kovacic (Author), Bruno Lasserre (Author), George Milton (Author), Andreas Mundt (Author), Anne Perrot (Author), Matthew Readings (Author), Howard A. Shelanski (Author), Mélanie Thill-Tayara (Author), Wouter Wils (Author), Joshua Wright (Author)
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This volume contains the papers presented at the annual Concurrences Journal conference held on 21 February 2014 at the French Ministry for the Economy. After the traditional « State of the Union », presented by Vice President Joaquín Almunia in the context of the « after » economic crisis, the papers adress four main issues:

• Detection of anticompetitive practices: Should existing tools be revised or new tools introduced? Leniency, market surveys, financial reward…

• Patents: Can antitrust authorities contribute to fixing the dysfunctional patent system?

• European Competition Network 10 years after & EC Regulation 1/2003: Can cooperation be extended to merger control and advocacy?

• Restructuring firms in the context of crisis: What role for merger policy? The volume ends by a contribution of Minister Benoît Hamon on the French class action. This work was published in the collection under the scientific direction of Professor Laurence Idot.

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September 23, 2015
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