Bleeding Heart

de AM Hartnett (Auteur)

New home, new apartment, new neighbours, new love, new dilemma.

Widower Seth Axworthy has seen a lot of tenants come through Winsloe Court in ten years. The last time he got personal with his tenants, things went bad and he swore he wouldn’t make that mistake again. He tries to keep his nose out of their business, but every so often he has to step over that line to keep his building and his business in order.

Then April moved in. Now he finds himself looking for excuses to bump into her. Even his damn cat can’t seem to stay off her doorstep.

He’s not ready for a relationship, but April’s not looking for one. Out from under her parent’s thumb and on her own for the first time, April wants to try out some bad habits, and getting sweaty with her gorgeous tattooed landlord seems like a good way to start.

Date de publication
29 octobre 2015