Desire Inc.

di Zoe Zarani (Autore)
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“I’m going to punish you for not wanting me . . .You deserve it for being so god damn desirable, for locking yourself inside my head, tormenting me day and night. You’re going to have to pay for that.”

Desire, Inc, make high-end handbags and twenty-nine-year-old Nicole dedicates her life to growing the business. She also owns Close Encounters, an escort business for women and donates the profits to help women in Third World countries.

She has little use for men, considering them nothing more than sexual accessories. Her father walked out on the family when she was young, her devastated mother committed suicide a few years later and Nicole promised herself that no man would ever have power over her.

But when wealthy and handsome entrepreneur Archer Thorne walks into her showroom, the sexual attraction is instantaneous and intense. Nicole enjoys him with abandon, but as they continue to see each other something resembling love insinuates itself inside her heart. Feelings that carry the risk of ruin…

Data di pubblicazione
26 novembre 2015
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