The Sled

di Don Hiscox Bre (Autore), Christy Lundy (Illustratore)
Prestiti illimitati, Uno alla volta

Everybody loves a good Christmas story because most of them convey a wonderful lesson. In author Don Hiscox’s The Sled: A Christmas Story, readers will find a beautiful and lesson-filled Christmas tale that will surely capture their hearts.

While searching the attic for some Christmas decorations, Peter discovers his old battered sled. As he examines every detail of his old sled, a flood of memories propels Peter back to the winter of 1971 when he learned some valuable lessons about giving and welcoming a special family into his community. For years, that sled provided the simple pleasures of childhood. Through The Sled: A Christmas Story, readers will travel back through time with Peter as he recalls all of those wonderful memories, especially the unforgettable Christmas celebrations and the friendships he had.

A story that teaches readers about selfless love and what it means to truly give, The Sled: A Christmas Story will surely delight and inspire them in so many ways. Enhanced by the colourful illustrations by Christy Lundy, this book is also a perfect gift for someone.

Data di pubblicazione
09 febbraio 2011
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