The Copyright Guide

by Lee Wilson (Author)
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"A definitive resource." —Midwest Book Review
A Clear, Friendly Reference for Using, Protecting, and Profiting from Copyright
Copyright may seem like a mystery, but it is actually quite easy to understand—as Lee Wilson demonstrates in The Copyright Guide, Fourth Edition. This resource explains everything you need to know to make copyright work for you, including how to license your copyrights, how to acquire the right to use the works of others, what copyright infringement is, how to protect your works from infringement, and how to avoid infringing on the works of others.
This is a must-read for anyone who creates or uses copyright—which, due to the explosion of information technology, is just about everyone! In plain language with scores of real-life examples, this newly updated edition addresses important issues in copyright, including:

  • How to secure copyright protection without a lawyer
  • What constitutes copyright infringement
  • How copyright law applies to new media
  • When parody is really infringement
  • How to handle copyright trolls

  • With informative tips and easy-to-use forms, The Copyright Guide will save you legal fees, make sure you avoid infringing on the works of others, and help you protect and profit from what you create.

    Publication date
    April 10, 2018
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