The Law (in Plain English) for Galleries

by Leonard D. DuBoff (Author), Christopher Perea (Author)
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An Essential Reference for Sellers of Arts and Crafts

In The Law (in Plain English)® for Galleries, Third Edition, Leonard DuBoff and Christopher Perea walk readers through the legal intricacies of selling arts and crafts. This helpful guide provides clear explanations and examples of real cases to furnish readers with a strong understanding of their obligations and vulnerabilities. Updated to reflect recent changes in the market and technology, this new edition is the go-to guide for all aspects of running a gallery. Chapters cover a wide range of topics, including:

  • Organizing a business
  • Franchising
  • Working with employees and contractors
  • Selling pieces
  • Contracts
  • Artists’ and galleries’ rights
  • Catalogs and online sales
  • Copyright and trademark
  • Customer relations
  • Product liability
  • Filing taxes
  • Estate planning
Gallerists, artists, craftspeople, and anyone else interested in the buying and selling of arts and crafts must have this book in their libraries.

Publication date
June 16, 2020
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