Under Gemini

Under Gemini

di Rosamunde Pilcher (Autore), Lucy Paterson (Narrateur)
Prestiti illimitati, 2 anni, Uno alla volta

In this stunning audiobook from #1 New York Times bestselling author Rosamunde Pilcher, a woman assumes her sister’s identity for what she believes to be part of a silly game—only to pay the price for her sins...

It seemed such an innocent deception. All Flora Waring had to do was play the part of Rose, her long-lost twin, for one weekend and meet the family of Rose’s fiancé. But when Flora is introduced to the Armstrong family, she realizes that she has inherited the secret scandal Rose created five years before...and left wounds that turn the man Flora loves against her.

Under Gemini will captivate listeners from beginning to end

Data di pubblicazione
13 marzo 2018