The Burglar and The Blizzard - A Christmas Story - The Original Classic Edition

by Alice Duer Miller (Author)
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The Burglar and The Blizzard is the story of a young millionaire named Geoffrey Holland. He's young, tall, handsome and well-built like all young millionaires of his time. The book is set in Hillsborough, the English countryside. Everyone in the area had been victims of a recent spate of burglaries, apart from Mr Holland and his sister Mrs. May. Until one day Mrs. May receives a telegram that her house been broken into. Mr Geoffrey Holland sets off for Hillsborough to check if Mrs May's house is all right and to see if he could catch the burglar himself, as he reaches the house a dangerous blizzard starts and is stuck at the house.

As Mr Holland does not know what could be inside the house or even around the corner! The plot thickens with suspense, heroes and even a bit of romance. If you enjoy a great Christmas story read on and find out what happens in Mrs. May's house on that cold and snowy day.

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October 24, 2012
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