It's Okay to Smell Good!

It's Okay to Smell Good!

by Jason Tharp (Author)
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Jason Tharp?s It's Okay to Smell Good, the follow-up to his hit picture book It?s Okay to Be a Unicorn, introduces the new, hilarious character: Panda Cat, who lives in a world where smelling bad is a good thing!

Panda Cat begins each day by brushing his teeth with garlic toothpaste, combing rotten eggs through his hair, and enjoying a breakfast of spoiled milk and a rotten apple. In Smellville, it?s cool to be stinky.

But when he tries to invent the stinkiest smell ever for the science fair, it backfires?because it smells good. And Panda Cat . . . likes it? How will he tell his friends? Or his hero, Albert Einstink?the scientist behind the theory of stinkativity?

It?s Okay to Smell Good tells kids young and old that you?re free to like what you like, no matter how it smells.

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Praise for It?s Okay to Smell Good:

?Tharp's good-natured fable is bright and rainbow-y . . . will resonate with any who have felt ?other.?? ?Kirkus Reviews

Publication date
February 02, 2021
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