Blood Red, Sister Rose

di Thomas Keneally (Autore)
Prestiti illimitati, Uno alla volta

Jehannette, an illiterate peasant girl of seventeen, hears voices that tell her she must help the Dauphin become king. But this proves hard to accomplish in 15th century France as the British occupy parts of the country, including Rheims where the crowning must take place. Jehannette must first convince the Dauphin of her mission and then help lead his army to push back the occupiers. Will this tough, radical yet vulnerable girl be able to triumph without questioning her own sanity?
Thomas Keneally’s interpretation of Joan of Arc contains a new vigor and authenticity not before seen in the Maid of Orleans stories. Capturing with incredible detail the realities of 15th century life, Blood Red, Sister Rose imaginatively portrays one of history’s most inspiring passages with immediacy and drama.

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14 novembre 2017
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