A Call to Prayer

de J. C. Ryle (Autor)
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?A Call to Prayer? is the inspiring and encouraging treatise on the importance of prayer by J. C. Ryle, the acclaimed 19th century English Anglican bishop, author, and first bishop of Liverpool. Ryle was beloved by many all over the world for his kind manner of preaching and writing and ?A Call to Prayer? is full of his welcoming and affectionate tone. Ryle?s message is meant for everyone, both those who have been practicing their faith for decades and those new to religion, regardless of their age or social class. In ?A Call to Prayer?, Ryle encourages the devout to dedicate themselves to prayer, for that is the only way to have access to the wonder and miracle of God. The best test of one?s status with God is the presence or absence of prayer in daily life. Ryle writes that ?to be prayer-less is to be without Christ, without God, without grace, without hope, and without heaven.? This heartfelt plea to devote your time and energy in order to better your spiritual well-being and life in the eyes of God remains as powerful and persuasive as when it was first written.

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31 de mayo de 2020
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