The Complete Harvard Classics - ALL 71 Volumes

The Five Foot Shelf & The Shelf of Fiction: The Famous Anthology of the Greatest Works of World Literature
by David Garrick (Author), Oliver Goldsmith (Author), Percy Bysshe Shelley (Author), Robert Browning (Author), George Gordon Byron (Author), Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (Author), Christopher Marlowe (Author), Dante Alighieri (Author), Alessandro Manzoni (Author), Richard Henry Dana (Author), Edmund Burke (Author), John Stuart Mill (Author), Thomas Carlyle (Author), Pedro Calderón de la Barca (Author), Pierre Corneille (Author), Jean Racine (Author), Gotthold Ephraim Lessing (Author), Friedrich von Schiller (Author), Philip Sidney (Author), Ben Jonson (Author), Abraham Cowley (Author), Richard Steele (Author), Jonathan Swift (Author), Daniel Defoe (Author), Samuel Johnson (Author), Sydney Smith (Author), Samuel Taylor Coleridge (Author), William Hazlitt (Author), Leigh Hunt (Author), Charles Lamb (Author), Thomas De Quincey (Author), Thomas Babington Macaulay (Author), William Makepeace Thackeray (Author), John Ruskin (Author), Robert Louis Stevenson (Author), Edgar Alan Poe (Author), Henry David Thoreau (Author), James Russell Lowell (Author), Michael Faraday (Author), Hermann Ludwig Ferdinand von Helmholtz (Author), Simon Newcomb (Author), Archibald Geikie (Author), Benvenuto Cellini (Author), Michel de Montaigne (Author), Charles Augustin Sainte-Beuve (Author), Ernest Renan (Author), Immanuel Kant (Author), Giuseppe Mazzini (Author), Francis Drake (Author), Philip Nichols (Author), Francis Pretty (Author), Walter Bigges (Author), Edward Haies (Author), Walter Raleigh (Author), René Descartes (Author), Jean Jacques Rousseau (Author), Thomas Hobbes (Author), Jean Froissart (Author), Thomas Malory (Author), William Henry Harrison (Author), Niccolò Machiavelli (Author), William Roper (Author), Thomas More (Author), Martin Luther (Author), John Locke (Author), George Berkeley (Author), Ambroise Paré (Author), William Harvey (Author), Oliver Wendell Holmes (Author), Joseph Lister (Author), Louis Pasteur (Author), William Shakespeare (Author), Thomas Dekker (Author), Francis Beaumont (Author), John Fletcher (Author), John Webster (Author), Philip Massinger (Author), Blaise Pascal (Author), Charles W. Eliot (Author), William A. Neilson (Author), Henry Fielding (Author), Laurence Sterne (Author), Jane Austen (Author), Walter Scott (Author), Charles Dickens (Author), George Eliot (Author), Nathaniel Hawthorne (Author), Washington Irving (Author), Bret Harte (Author), Mark Twain (Author), Edward Everett Hale (Author), Henry James (Author), Victor Hugo (Author), Honoré Balzac (Author), George Sand (Author), Alfred de Musset (Author), Alphonse Daudet (Author), Gottfried Keller (Author), Guy de Maupassant (Author), Theodor Storm (Author), Theodor Fontane (Author), Leo Tolstoy (Author), Fyodor Dostoevsky (Author), Ivan Turgenev (Author), Juan Valera (Author), Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson (Author), Alexander L. Kielland (Author), Benjamin Franklin (Author), Plato (Author), Epictetus (Author), Aeschylus (Author), Sophocles (Author), Euripides (Author), Aristophanes (Author), Plutarch (Author), Virgil (Author), Aesop (Author), Homer (Author), Molière (Author), Herodotus (Author), Tacitus (Author), Voltaire (Author), Hippocrates (Author), John Woolman (Author), William Penn (Author), Marcus Aurelius (Author), Francis Bacon (Author), John Milton (Author), Thomas Browne (Author), Ralph Waldo Emerson (Author), Robert Burns (Author), Saint Augustine (Author), Thomas à Kempis (Author), Marcus Tullius Cicero (Author), Pliny the Younger (Author), Adam Smith (Author), Charles Darwin (Author), Miguel de Cervantes (Author), John Bunyan (Author), Izaak Walton (Author), Wilhelm Grimm (Author), Jacob Grimm (Author), Hans Christian Andersen (Author), John Dryden (Author), Richard Brinsley Sheridan (Author)
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The original Harvard Classics Collection contains 51 volumes of the essential works of world literature, showing the progress of man from antics to modern age. In this edition, the original collection is supplemented with the 20 volume Harvard Shelf of Fiction, a selection of the greatest works of fiction.
The Harvard Classics:
V. 1: Franklin, Woolman & Penn
V. 2: Plato, Epictetus & Marcus Aurelius
V. 3: Bacon, Milton, Browne
V. 4: John Milton
V. 5: R. W. Emerson
V. 6: Robert Burns
V. 7: St Augustine & Thomas á Kempis
V. 8: Nine Greek Dramas
V. 9: Cicero and Pliny
V. 10: The Wealth of Nations
V. 11: The Origin of Species
V. 12: Plutarchs
V. 13: Æneid
V. 14: Don Quixote
V. 15: Bunyan & Walton
V. 16: 1001 Nights
V. 17: Folklore & Fable
V. 18: Modern English Drama
V. 19: Goethe & Marlowe
V. 20: The Divine Comedy
V. 21: I Promessi Sposi
V. 22: The Odyssey
V. 23: Two Years Before the Mast
V. 24: Edmund Burke
V. 25: J. S. Mill & T. Carlyle
V. 26: Continental Drama
V. 27 & 28: English & American Essays
V. 29: The Voyage of the Beagle
V. 30: Scientific Papers
V. 31: The Autobiography of Benvenuto Cellini
V. 32: Literary and Philosophical Essays
V. 33: Voyages & Travels
V. 34: French & English Philosophers
V. 35: Chronicle and Romance
V. 36: Machiavelli, Roper, More, Luther
V. 37: Locke, Berkeley, Hume
V. 38: Harvey, Jenner, Lister, Pasteur
V. 39: Prologues
V. 40–42: English Poetry
V. 43: American Historical Documents
V. 44 & 45: Sacred Writings
V. 46 & 47: Elizabethan Drama
V. 48: Blaise Pascal
V. 49: Saga
V. 50: Reader's Guide
V. 51: Lectures
The Shelf of Fiction:
V. 1 & 2: The History of Tom Jones
V. 3: A Sentimental Journey & Pride and Prejudice
V. 4: Guy Mannering
V. 5 & 6: Vanity Fair
V. 7 & 8: David Copperfield
V. 9: The Mill on the Floss
V. 10: Irving, Poe, Harte, Twain, Hale
V.11: The Portrait of a Lady
V. 12: Notre Dame de Paris
V. 13: Balzac, Sand, de Musset, Daudet, de Maupassant
V. 14 & 15: Goethe, Keller, Storm, Fontane
V. 16–19: Tolstoy, Dostoevsky, Turgenev
V. 20: Valera, Bjørnson, Kielland

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