Our Auntie (“Tee-Tee”) Uses a  Chair with Wheels

Our Auntie (“Tee-Tee”) Uses a Chair with Wheels

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Ja’Mia and Ja’Nia are sisters who love their family. One of their aunts, “Tee-Tee,” doesn’t walk. Instead, she uses a wheelchair to get around. Despite this difference, Tee-Tee still accomplishes a lot, like being a professor and serving Veterans and their spouses. It’s not all about work, though; Tee-Tee has plenty of time to play with her darling nieces, too.

Sometimes, Ja’Mia and Ja’Nia ride in Tee-Tee’s chair with her, but they must be careful. The wheelchair is not a toy, but the way Tee-Tee gets around.

Our Auntie (“Tee-Tee”) Uses a Chair with Wheels helps children learn about and understand people with disabilities and different families. Tee-Tee’s story brings awareness to diversity and inclusion within families. If you would like to discuss disability and inclusion with your child, read this book today!

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08 luglio 2021
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