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Prestiti illimitati, Uno alla volta

Two small children put together a make-do Christmas for their family. They ventured into the woods behind their house to find a Christmas tree. A scrawny little cedar tree was selected, and planted in a bucket of dirt. The hole they dug in the backyard was where they got their Christmas Dirt.

Little Mary Jane and Jerry searched the house for items that might be given as Christmas gifts. The items were used, but everyone would have a makedo gift under the little Christmas tree.

The make-do Christmas paper was from brown paper bags; colored with their broken crayons. Since there was no tape...homemade paste was made.

The decorations for the tree consisted of a paper chain also from brown paper bags; colored with their broken crayons; a few #2 pencils were hung

with thread to give the poor little tree some color; anything that sparkled was also hung on the little Christmas tree. Bill one of the older brothers,

made a beautiful shinny star; making this little make-do Christmas tree the most beautiful Christmas tree Mary Jane and Jerry had ever seen. Bill

placed a small lamp on the floor, just behind the little tree...the star and all the sparkly items made the little Christmas tree very happy.

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20 luglio 2021
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