Well I'll Be a Blue-Nosed Gopher...Practicing Happiness Now!

de John C Webb (Autor), Sarah Bausinger (Ilustrador)
Préstamos ilimitados, Uno a la vez

It's time for a new approach to how to be happy!

As a jazz musician, author, and recently retired professor of music, Dr. John Webb affirms that to be good at anything requires regular practice, so why not practice the principles of happiness? With a humorous approach to the question of how to be happy and issues that can threaten your well-being, along with entertaining cartoons by Sarah Bausinger, Dr. Webb offers forty-three "Happiness Steps" to help you cope with today's challenging world.

Dr. Webb shares the story of his wife, Toni, who, after a traumatic brain injury that caused severe memory loss, began calling herself a "blue-nosed gopher." Toni shows us how happiness can be achieved on a daily basis by living in the now and appreciating the simple things in life.

You'll also learn:

  • how to live your life the way you want it
  • how to put time on your side
  • how to be more positive 
  • how to tame that dangerous ego
  • how to how to manage stress and overcome adversity!

With even a little practice, happier and more meaningful days are possible. You can cultivate new principles of happiness, learn to practice better stress management, and have a better NOW-and be a blue-nosed gopher!

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14 de julio de 2021
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