The Psychology of Love

di Samuel Kahn (Autore)
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A leading psychiatrist offers an accessible and in-depth analysis of love in all its phases—from the first blush of romance to various marital challenges.
In The Psychology of Love, eminent psychoanalyst Dr. Samuel Kahn draws on forty years of experience with the love lives and troubles of patients, both single and married. He has worked with people who believe all you need is love and others who believe there is no such thing. In between, he has encountered all manner of dilemmas, beliefs, and misconceptions about this essential human phenomenon.
According to Dr. Kahn, a proper understanding of love from a psychological perspective can help us solve or prevent the common problems that arise from it, bringing greater happiness for ourselves and our loved ones. First published in 1968, this volume covers topics such as falling in love, jealousy, promiscuity, and divorce, among many others.

Data di pubblicazione
17 agosto 2021
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