Wild & Well

di Dani Williamson (Autore)
Prestiti illimitati, Uno alla volta

In Wild & Well, Dani Williamson helps readers connect to a healthy, brighter future as well as help them find a community that will support and encourage them.

In a time when there is access to more knowledge and resources than ever before, and the power of information is literally in the palm of one’s hand, a strange thing is happening: People still believe most of what they hear. Sadly, the idea that one has to feel worse and take more prescriptions as they age is just a lie, plain and simple. It’s a lie that has kept people stuck not in a healthcare system but in a sick-care system that doesn't profit from happy, healthy patients. Dani Williamson helps readers break free from that untruth and allow them to re-discover how they were meant to live… Wild & Well!

In Wild & Well, readers dive with Dani into a discussion of the modern state of health in America and learn the six steps they can take into order to reclaim their health, relationships, intimacy with their spouse, and faith in the fact that they are fearfully and wonderfully made. Readers learn that it’s not as hard as they think to eat well, sleep well, poop well, move well, relax well, and connect well.

Data di pubblicazione
07 settembre 2021
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