Tired Teens

di Philip R. Fischer (Autore)
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A Mayo Clinic pediatrician’s guide to the causes of fatigue in teenagers—and finding the care they may need.

What happens when a perfectly healthy teen suddenly becomes tired and lethargic? In Tired Teens, Dr. Philip R. Fischer draws upon decades of experience as a pediatrician to pinpoint causes of chronic fatigue in teens and explains how teens and parents can help combat these debilitating conditions.

Preparing for college applications, keeping up with schoolwork, and balancing a variety of extracurricular activities, all while maintaining a social life, is causing modern-day teens to become overworked and under-rested. While some students manage to keep up with this packed schedule, many teens go from being A+ students to barely being able to get out of bed in the morning.

Some causes of excessive tiredness, like lack of sleep and improper sleep hygiene, can be easy to remedy. However, other causes, like digestive problems, hormonal changes, and postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome (POTS), may require more serious care.

In Tired Teens, Dr. Fischer explains how to identify the warning signs and symptoms of chronic fatigue in teens, helping you determine if your teen’s excessive tiredness is simply a symptom of a busy schedule, or the result of an unexpected disorder, like autonomic dysfunction and POTS.

Finally, the book provides expert advice on receiving an evaluation and diagnosis for adolescent fatigue, and outlines different treatment plans available to those diagnosed with this invisible illness. By simplifying these issues in a clear and digestible way, Dr. Fischer makes it easy for teens and parents to learn how to manage and treat persistent tiredness.

Whether you’re a teen experiencing chronic fatigue or the parent of one, Tired Teens offers hope and guidance about how to overcome chronic fatigue and POTS for good.

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06 agosto 2021
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