Harold and the Poopy Little Puppy

de Ellie Crowe (Autor), Janet King (Ilustrador)
Préstamos ilimitados, Uno a la vez

“A lovable, four-pawed big brother . . . Harold will help children grasp some of the changes that can show up along with a new baby.” —Bonnie Louise Kuchler, author of Just Sisters

When a new puppy joins his home, Harold learns about love . . .

It’s hard to be a good dog, but Harold, the golden retriever, really tries. Then the Dad brings home Prince, a silly little puppy that the Dad says is smart and brave.

Prince! “Smart and brave!” Harold can hardly believe his ears! And, even worse, when Prince does a doggy-doo right in the house, the Dad blames Harold!

Harold thinks Prince is a poopy little puppy. How is he going to live with him in his house?

Kids with baby brothers and sisters will sympathize with Harold.

This book is perfect for early readers and the Common Core. Adults are allowed to laugh along as well.

“Right from page one, Harold the dog had me laughing out loud. Ellie Crowe captures Harold’s viewpoint with such humor and insight that we can’t help looking at his family from a dog’s perspective. Highly entertaining, this is one book that kids are sure to giggle over, and parents will be letting out a few snorts of their own.” —Scott Peters, author of the Kid Detective Zet series

“His woes parallel how a child might feel with a new sibling at home, and he helps make light of the situation. Kids will no doubt ask for this one repeatedly at story time. Parents are sure to get a kick out of reading Harold’s story, too.” —Sue Wyshynski, author of the Ultrahumans series

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17 de agosto de 2021
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