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de Sérgio Constantino (Autor)
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This pocket book was projected initially during a conversation with one of my best friends which name is sandro pizarro (restaurant manager in uk) which known’s my life and career at sea, land, hotels, restaurants, bars, clubs, etc and give it to me the idea to publish a initial step career at sea / land which i acepted straight away, as i never heard about a book like this one, a book which is providing information of all the positions onboard luxury ocean cruises, yachts, ferries, hotels, information which certificates, diplomas, courses each person as to take before starting a carrer at sea / land, in hospitality departments, deck departments, information how to look for jobs safetly without been catch in the middle of a scam in the internet, my advise is never pay to anyone to get a job, all the companies have them career website areas, they provide information which agents they have in each single country and agencies plus concessionaires.
Here on this book you can learn how to proceed with your career safefly and easily. All the certificates can be taked in any country, normally the schools are located more near the sea, but there’s a few in the center of the countries also.
Don’t forget, when you are applying, send your cv to as many contacts as you have, if they delay to answer, keep trying, show your interest. When onboard, be responsible, on time on service always, the job is hard but gratefull and you have the gift to visit many countries and get payed for it, think about, but the most important is that you love what you do and you will do anything to suceed in your career.
I wish you now very good luck in your future and please also check for the nautical jobs hunter 2- cruise career guide book which as thousands of company contacts all over the world.
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God bless you all.
Sergio constantino

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30 de agosto de 2021
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