If Only One

di Hutchins,Jack (Autore)
Prestiti illimitati, Uno alla volta

Our Lord said, "Go and make disciples of all nations." In 1995, He told me to "go to Kenya, East Africa and make those disciples." What I found was millions of natives needing to hear about Jesus Christ. I thought that I was going to do some great work and maybe even stay and be a career missionary. Boy, was I wrong! I didn't know it then, but when I got back to North Carolina, I realized my future calling. I was to take teams back to Kenya and let the Lord change the lives of not only the natives, but the missionaries themselves, and that's what happened. We've seen thousands ask Jesus into their hearts. Some of whom are over one hundred years old, and some who had never seen a white man or woman, or heard the Word of God. What a feeling to see someone give their life to Jesus so close to eternity.

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16 settembre 2021
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