You Make It Feel Like Christmas

by Francis Ray (Author), Donna Hill (Author)
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In You Make it Feel Like Christmas, Donna Hill and Francis Ray bring us holiday cheer with two novellas in one volume: Rockin’ Around That Christmas Tree and The Wish.

Rockin’ Around That Christmas Tree by Donna Hill

Denise has always been the faithful wife and dutiful mother for the twenty-plus years she’s been married to Edward. But now, she’s ready to live a few dreams of her own. When Denise drops the bomb at Thanksgiving dinner that she is leaving Edward and selling the house, everyone is stunned, and her announcement opens the door to Morrison Family Dysfunction 101. But Edward is not ready to give up on them. Not only does he plan to be back at home and in their bed, but he also knows that, come Christmas, he and Denise will be rockin’ around that Christmas tree.

The Wish by Francis Ray
Be careful what you wish for. That’s the lesson brokenhearted Nicholas Darling learns when an eccentric old woman grants him a wish for true love—if he doesn’t fail to see it.

Publication date
October 12, 2021
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