Coming Back Home

de Alaina Justice (Auteur)
Prêts illimités, Un à la fois

After her mother became ill and her relocating to the swamps of Louisiana, Samantha comes home. Faced with her mother’s illness and leaving Colorado, a place she came to know as home is difficult. It has been twenty years and things have changed. Fighting grief and profound loss, Samantha struggles with alcoholism and looks for the peace and comfort of a place she can call home. Samantha maneuvers through love lost in a small southern town and facing the challenges of her journey as she returns as an adult. Overcoming traumas of the past as she goes along in this journey. Can Samantha overcome the memories of her past and forge ahead into the future? She lives with memories of the past that haunt her and she is looking to overcome them. Coming back home, she fights for the strength to change her life and adapt to all the changes that occur. Seeking healing, will Samantha find it?

Date de publication
17 septembre 2021
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