Summary of Frank White's The Illuminati's Greatest Hits

by   Everest Media (Author)
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Sample Book Insights:

#1 France was ruled by the nobility, the clergy, and the Third Estate, or commoners. The Tiers-État, or Third Estate, were the peasants, merchants, and workers. The French Revolution was the result of the Tiers-État waking up and realizing their inequalities, and the French monarchy not addressing them.

#2 The Illuminati took advantage of the unstable climate to spread rumors and falsities about the King and the Queen. They were able to get the people to hate the Queen, and she became a symbol of evil in France.

#3 The French Revolution, which started on July 14, 1789, was the result of a long series of events that led to the toppling of the monarchy. The iconic event was the Prise de la Bastille, where 200 angry revolutionaries took over the prison. The people were led to believe that bands of dislodged and angry bandits were roaming the countryside, making any travel unsafe.

#4 The French Revolution was the first major event in which the Illuminati were involved. It was the end of the Absolute Monarchy, and the end of the Old Regime, which were the names given to the previous government system in France.

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