Summary of Noam Chomsky & C. J. Polychroniou's Optimism over Despair

by   Everest Media (Author)
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Sample Book Insights:

#1 The business classes, which largely run the country, are highly class conscious. They have achieved the results you describe. However, neoliberal policies are in shambles. They have come to harm the most powerful and privileged, so they cannot be sustained.

#2 Electoral campaigns are designed to marginalize issues and focus on personalities, rhetorical style, body language, and the like. And there are good reasons for this. Party managers read polls and are well aware that on a host of major issues, both parties are well to the right of the population.

#3 The world is in a tenuous situation, to say the least. The main funders, primarily China, Japan, and oil producers, might decide to shift their funds elsewhere for higher profits. But there are few signs of such developments.

#4 The United States has many advantages over Europe when it comes to investing. It has extensive internal resources, and its policies are applied to the entire country, rather than different countries in Europe.

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June 11, 2022
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