Language of Love

di Alex K. Thorne (Autore), Andrea Bramhall (Autore), Cheyenne Blue (Autore), Cindy Rizzo (Autore), Emma Weimann (Autore), Fiona Zedde (Autore), Jody Klaire (Autore), Lee Winter (Autore), Lola Keeley (Autore), Patricia Penn (Autore), Sheryn Munir (Autore)
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Prestiti illimitati, Uno alla volta

From erotic fun and music-filled streets in Jamaica to delicious curries and carols in India, and toasty fireplaces in Wales, Ylva’s festive anthology takes readers on a senses-filled, globetrotting adventure.
Our eleven lesbian fiction authors—many award winners—offer diverse tales of romance, thrills, humor, and whimsy, set against the holiday season in South Africa, Australia, England, Wales, Scotland, Germany, India, Jamaica, and the US.
Bring your secret girlfriend to Christmas lunch before a stern, chicken-breeding Australian matriarch. Run your eye over the accounts—and the sexy, butch trainer—at a horse ranch in Germany while the goose gets stuffed with macaroons. Skid into a cute doctor’s vehicle in the slush-filled lanes of Wales—and stay for charades and mulled wine.
Follow a hapless South African assassin on her hilarious first day on the job when she falls for her target. Scale the cliffs in England’s Lake District for a daring rescue. Join two young Indian women reconnecting over mouthwatering food, song, and family after years apart.
Whisk a feisty Irish gran off to a community Orphans’ Christmas in Melbourne and catch up with her nurse over Frisbee and bubbly. Wake up in Jamaica in the most sensuous way, before hitting the music-filled Grand Market. Break a tooth on Christmas pudding, and find out what happens when that beautiful German dentist likes more than just your molars.
Tumble back in love with the girl who kissed you at your Californian Bat Mitzvah before her life turned upside down. Taste jugs of hibiscus-scented bissap before counting down to Hogmannay in Scotland with your sexy new friend.
Language of Love is a diverse, festive feast that shows our laughs, loves, and lives are universal.

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21 novembre 2022
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