Dear Boss:

The Hunt for the New York Ripper
by Lawrence A. De Graw (Author)
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A heinous and blood-thirsted killer is on the loose in New York City and targeting a certain demographic of men. At end, he will claim the lives of seven men, six of whose very killings directly mimic those of Jack the Ripper of Whitechapel, London fame. The “types” of slayings, the manner of death, and even the very “initials” of each victim's name all closely mirror those found slain at the hands of Red Jack in 1888. So, who is behind the slashings, and why are they even occurring?

The city’s best Major Crimes Unit is already on the case, along with a Medical Examiner and an embedded reporter, now all in a race against time to find out the very who and the why behind the bizarre series of crimes. Can the investigative team crack the case before more victims fall to the Ripper's blade?

Dark and deliciously evil, with villainy run amok, the novel is a bloody nail-biter that doesn’t let up and doesn’t let go; the ultimate in whodunits that will have you shrieking but coming back for more! Better fasten your seatbelts and don your sleuthing hats, then prepare for a roller-coaster drop and the most harrowing ride of your life: “DEAR BOSS: The Hunt for the New York Ripper”.

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January 22, 2023
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