Oblivion at Tranquil Manor

by Charlotte L. Sowers (Author)
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October 1886

That uncanny feeling invades me again, raising the hairs on my arms, as i take the scene before me. My brain is unable to function—the fuzzy, foggy feeling in my head is eerie and unreal.
July 1885

After the death of her mother, nineteen-year-old Abigail Mills and her father leave their elegant home in Southern England for a visit at Tranquil Manor, the home of longtime friend Robert Hansome.

Because of persuasive circumstances, Abigail stays and lives with Robert and his son and daughter, Simon and Anna.

Traumatic and puzzling observations trigger Abigails affliction—the inability to decipher reality from unreality. Were situations amiss or was she just out of touch with reality?

Simon and his father are obsessive with the project of restoring their beloved home, and Abigail looks forward to her substantial dowry assisting the project after their marriage.
Before long, Simon and Abigail fall in love and become engaged. Shortly after their engagement, a tragedy creates a major complication for Abigail; she hides this from Simon because she fears he will break the engagement. When Heidi—Anna’s schoolmistress and unwilling spiritual medium—timidly discloses a message which is both unnerving and comforting, Abigail finds herself struggling with her mind once again.

The occasional obscure actions of Heidi baffle Abigail. Is Heidi a friend or foe?

Come along with Abigail through the months ahead and discover the outcome of her challenging life of mystery.

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February 03, 2023
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