Body by Breath

The Science and Practice of Physical and Emotional Resilience
by Jill Miller (Author)
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In the hierarchy of life, breath always wins. It persists 22,000 times daily, but you get to decide whether the way you breathe is to your benefit or detriment.

Breath becomes compromised by stress, disease, and the environmental trappings of progress; you can still breathe under this pressure, but it leads to poor breathing habits that slowly whittle away at your health. In Body by Breath, bestselling author Jill Miller takes you on a journey through your breathing body and presents more than 100 step-by-step techniques and practices to help you master the body-breath connection and reset your physiology.

This book explores four primary types of resilience-building exercises—breathwork, movement, rolling, and non-sleep deep restto help you achieve

• Greater power, endurance, and recovery ability
• Enhanced self-regulation skills
• Supercharged executive function
• Relief from pain, injuries, and chronic conditions
• Freedom to feel, connect, and express stored emotions

Jill shares her scientifically supported methods so you can

  • Train and modulate your body and nervous system for reduced stress, improved mobility, and whole-body resilience
  • Discover the latest findings in breath and fascia research and get the most out of breathwork practice by including more of your body’s parts in the mix
  • Map the vast reach of the diaphragm and feel how it intermingles with everything in your body. 

You’ll travel the pathways of the vagus nerve and trace miles of fascial intersections beneath your skin to unlock your body’s regenerative reservoir.

If you have struggled with traditional meditation practices because remaining still spikes your anxiety and leaves you feeling agitated and fidgety, Body by Breath presents innovative alternatives designed for your unique nervous system. This inclusive approach allows you to reap the benefits of relaxation, restoration, and regeneration.

Take these practices into your life and renew the way you embody breath.

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February 28, 2023
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