All for the Love of Cats

by Harold Sims (Author)
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All for the Love of Cats is a collection of stories, poems and interesting facts about America’s most popular pet the house cat. It was written in the 87th year of my life. I am a retired person who never really retired. My life began in April of the year 1935. A time when America suffered from a great depression. I was born in Mount Vernon, New York into a family that was poor. My mother and father married very soon after graduating from high school with no skills to qualify them for good jobs. So, my farther made a merger salary and my mother stayed home with me. His jobs came and went. Before I was five, we moved from Mount Vernon to Cos Cob Connecticut to Riverside, to Roatan, to Old Greenwich. I spent the war years there and at my age ten we moved to a small town in upstate New York named Sempronius where we ran a chicken farm. It was there that I met my first cat and I have loved cats ever since. I left there in 1953, tried a semester of college, flunked out and joined the Navy in Key West, Florida and I didn’t have contact with another cat until I married my wife Kay in 1962 and we bought a copper-eyed Persian cat named Buzzy. Buzzy lived with us for nineteen years and after he died, we didn’t have another cat until the nineteen eighties when a white short-hair cat named Marco Polo came to our summer home in Cashiers, North Carolina. Marco soon had a small Maine Coon female for a friend and soon the stray started coming to our door and by the time we retired in 1993 we had anywhere from six to ten cats sharing our home. But it wasn’t until 1995 when we moved from Clearwater, Florida to Cashiers, North Carolina and found that that town and all the other towns around us had a serious problem with stray and abandoned cats and we began helping to save as many of them as we could and any other plans we had for our retirement were gone with the wind and we spent all of our years of retirement operating a no-kill shelter and adoption center and we worked harder than I did a college professor and Kay as a school social worker harder than we had ever worked before. When you operate a cat shelter you don’t work nine to five, you work seven-twenty-four- three sixty-five because cats work those same hours and they may need assistance at any time of the day or night. This book tells the story of our life since we though we retired in 1993. All the stories are true, I wrote the poems and put together the facts about cats and how they became pets and companions that enriched our lives. The idea for a cat museum had been in our minds since we learned that there were none in America and we began buying items for a museum. But it wasn’t until 2017 that we were able to open a small cat museum in one room of a local antique mall and we learned that cat people did, indeed, want to visit a cat museum and people from all over the world have come to visit. I hope I live forever, but my wife died at age 87 so it is unlikely I will live forever and when I do I hope all the people who love cats will come together and help the museum live on after me with donations to the cause. Information of how you can help can be found on the last few pages on this book. Please buy a copy, learn more about your cats and help the museum to live on into the future to educate and entertain cat lovers in the near and far future.

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February 14, 2023
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