More Than Cash

What to do with your money now that you're finally making some
by Julia Cancro (Author)
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Unlimited loans, One at a time

The jargony world of finance can be intimidating to an outsider—a fact that leads to too many people sitting on the sidelines and missing out on ways to maximize their savings. Julia Cancro knows money—but she’s not a finance person. Here, she delivers a beginners’ guide that’s straightforward and jargon-free—more like talking to a friend than reading a finance book—that answers the question, What should I do with my money besides keep it in cash? A foundational financial launchpad for non-finance people, More Than Cash is full of vital information on topics like:

- How to earn more interest on your cash
- How to start investing in the stock market
- The difference between a Roth and traditional 401(k) or IRA
- Investing pitfalls to avoid
- The importance of starting now

The only consolidated guidebook under 50 pages that arms you with the knowledge and vocabulary you need to feel confident managing your hard-earned money, More Than Cash is an approachable guide to getting started with the right accounts and investments—so you can build a financially secure and lucrative future.

Publication date
March 07, 2023
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