The New Roaring Twenties

Prosper in Volatile Times
by Paul Zane Pilzer (Author), Stephen P. Jarchow (Author)
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The world and its economic foundations are shifting beneath our feet!

We are at the threshold of the new roaring twenties—a resurgent era of technology-driven advancement with greater financial equity and economic expansion.

Not unlike the famed decade of the previous century, our next ten years will be filled with striking cultural shifts, new challenges, and, ultimately, abundant financial opportunities.

Paul Zane Pilzer, the economist/entrepreneur and New York Times bestselling author of 13 books, sees a better world on the horizon. In The New Roaring Twenties he imparts inspiration and a new template for escaping the shadow of a global pandemic, with all its fallout, and stepping into the resplendent possibilities of the future. 

Pilzer details 12 economic and societal pillars that will be essential for navigating our new world:  


  • Explosive technology-driven wealth
  • An energy revolution
  • Job market upheaval
  • Accelerated arrival of AI robots
  • The gig economy
  • Universal basic income 

  • Growing influence of millennials
  • Expansion of the sharing revolution
  • Consumer surplus
  • Shift from GDP to gross national happiness
  • A new Pax Americana/China 
  • The Russian wild card

The New Roaring Twenties offers solid ground in a shifting world, revealing the principles that will allow you to find new pathways to financial success and personal happiness.

Publication date
March 21, 2023
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