Fluorescent Dye Labels and Stains

A Database of Photophysical Properties
by Tarso B. Ledur Kist (Author)
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Fluorescent Dye Labels and Stains

The only comprehensive database of fluorophores and their physical and photochemical properties

Fluorophores are chemical compounds that strongly absorb in the ultraviolet, visible, and/or near-infrared and with bright emission in these ranges. As a result, they are exceptionally valuable as dyes for various analytical processes, capable of labelling and staining particular targets for purposes of fluorescent imaging, sensitive detection, and quantification (exhibiting linear responses over very wide concentration ranges). These compounds are many and varied, and panoramic views of their options, physical properties and their reactions to light excitations can be critical to their successful integration into chemical analysis, pharmaceutical analysis, clinical analysis, microscopies, optical bioimaging, cancer imaging, real-time PCR, flow cytometry, multiplexing in proteomics, life sciences in general, and many other high-tech fields (material sciences, traceability, photovoltaics, quantum computing).

Fluorescent Dye Labels and Stains incorporates a comprehensive database of such substances and their characteristics. It provides an introduction to basic theories and foundational terminology, in addition to both the molecular structures and photophysical properties of an enormous range of fluorophores. Assembled over the course of a distinguished career in biochemistry, this database presents valuable information that has never before been available in a single volume.

Readers will also find:

  • Molecular and photochemical information of over 700 fluorophores
  • A database of parameters, including light excitation ranges, molar absorption coefficients, fluorescence quantum yields, molecular brightness, and many more
  • Information derived from multiple disciplines, including microscopy, nanoscopy, biochemistry, and molecular biology

Fluorescent Dye Labels and Stains is the essential reference for pharmaceutical and biomedical researchers and professionals, academics who study molecular biology or organic chemistry, and any professional whose work includes strong and photostable molecular absorptions and fluorescence.

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March 10, 2023
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