Where is the Imagination?

by Anna Birdwolf (Author)
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What does the witch, Boredom, look like? Where does she live and what does she do to fill the void in the country without colours? The Boredom Witch makes bored children forget the joys and friendships in their real life. They lose themselves completely in the virtual world, and are enchanted by screens for hours.

Who can save childhood and its real-life joys?

Enter the colorful Fairy, Imagination – the good friend of every child. With her, games with other children are beautiful and toys and story books become unique and alive. With her, every child is creative, inventive and always doing exciting things.

Where is the Imagination? It is an interactive story in which the reader actively participates, always involved with the characters in the magic of the events they go through. Sometimes the reader can even see their hands or feet inside the illustrations!

The story follows Maya, a child who feels lonely and sad in the virtual world of the witch Boredom. She is held captive in front of always-on screens. Maya can only be saved by whoever is reading her story.

Will you help Maya escape from the virtual world and find her friend Imagination?

If you do, you will have wonderful adventures with Maya in this story of you and her.

Publication date
March 16, 2023
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