A Journey with God

John, 1 John and Mark
by Anne Newton (Author)
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A Journey with God: Written under the direction of, and study with the Lord: The bible isn't history, it's "His story," "His Word," what we need to know to come and surrender our will to follow His will, and His ways. It's a journey with God because it's not His Word only, it's what God reveals to you in the process, how He directs you, gives you impressions that inspire you. It includes some of what God revealed to the author in the process. John was one of three disciples close to the Savior. His letter challenges us to avoid sin, help others in need, reach unbelievers and deal with our own sin, which we easily minimize. Mark, a companion of Peter, became his interpreter. Although Mark never heard Jesus nor accompanied Him, he wrote down what he remembered. Jesus' death on the cross ultimately displayed His love, baring our sin on the cross, making the only way of forgiveness. This study conveys both assurance and conviction. Those who believe "on" Jesus, find comfort. Those who don't, hopefully find conviction. It's OK to be unsure, God understands but He doesn't want you to die without forgiveness (Romans 1:20). What you do with God directly impacts you. When you believe "on" Jesus, you receive eternal life "in" Jesus. He sustains that life. Accepting Christ brings His eternal grace and life with God. Denying Him brings eternal judgment and unending death (Matthew 7:23; James 2:13). The Word of God invites you to ask Jesus for forgiveness. Our prayer is that you do.

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March 12, 2023
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