Mystery of the Cure

The Intermittent Fasting Revelation How Science and the Bible Have Uncovered the Mystery of Good Health and Weight Loss
by Ronald J. Covington (Author)
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God has fine-tuned our bodies in order to optimize our overall health, and we can take advantage of that by eating in the same patterns as demonstrated in scripture.

Mystery of the Cure shows how the intermittent fasting eating pattern has unknowingly followed the exact eating patterns that were described in the Bible more than three thousand years ago. The overall health benefits, and the resulting weight loss for those who choose to adopt these time-restricted eating patterns cannot be denied. Author Ronald J. Covington outlines how an innovative American Civil War doctor, way ahead of his time, made a discovery that a brilliant doctor at Johns Hopkins University would prove to be true 120 years later.

Full of uplifting personal narratives and helpful advice, this guide uses scientific facts and biblical commentary to show how God created us to optimize our health by eating in the intermittent fasting patterns as demonstrated in the Bible.

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March 14, 2023
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