Faithful Warrior

de Katherine Hedlund (Auteur)
Prêts illimités, Un à la fois


You hear the word and your heart stops.
Unfair. Frightening. Life. Death.

Fragmented thoughts ricochet around in your mind as you try to grasp this unthinkable diagnosis. How will she be able to fight it? How will I be able to help her? The diagnosis of cancer is devastating, leaving family and friends feeling helpless, wishing there was something they could do to alleviate their loved one's suffering. Thankfully, there is.

Faithful Warrior offers an answer to those questions, equipping you with Scripture-based prayers for the person battling cancer. These simple yet heartfelt prayers are infused with the power of God's Word, inviting the faithful warrior to step out in belief and hope. Written to be perfectly blended with the reader's prayers and voice, the prayers focus on personal surrender and acceptance, continued hope and healing, and God's constant and abiding presence, equipping the reader with a means of tangible support while offering a deeper sense of involvement.

The battle against cancer is intense, woven throughout with fear, anger, and doubt. Yet the compassionate voice of Faithful Warrior will comfort your heart and soul, arming you with strength and support during this fierce fight. Many people say, "I'll pray for you; it's the least I can do." No, Faithful Warrior, it is the most you can do.

The sword is now in your hand. The question is…what will you do with it?

Date de publication
1 mai 2014
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